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how to make your google understand you.


This article covers:

1. Communication...

Just joking. It is all about those commands.

Step 1: Go to your Google Home Assistant App.

Step 2: Select Manage Routines

Step 3: Select +

Step 4: Add your Voice Commands

Step 5: Type in your Verbal Command

Step 6: Now that you have your voice command, choose what should your Google Assistant do when she hears it.

Step 7: Selecting your Smart Product

Step 8: Choose the Light that you wish to control with the help of your Google Assistant

Click on it to toggle it to Turn ON, OFF or Don't Change.

In our example, we are turning it on, so select turn on.

Below will be what your Google Assistant will respond with after your Command is given.

Likewise, once you are done,click the back arrow <-

Once you see that the changes have been made, click the back arrow <-

Step 9: Voice Confirmation

If you need a vocal affirmation that your command has been heard by your Google Assistant, simply select 'Say Something'

Step 10: Press Add when you are done.

Step 11: You are Done!

Bonus Tip: Adding a few permutations will allow you to be more flexible with your commands and your Google Assistant will still know what to do!

Bonus Bonus Tip:
Routines can also be used as a combination of actions!

For example, when a 'Good Night' command is used by you.

Google Assistant can be instructed to turn off all bedroom lights!

So say good bye to arguments and negotiations as to who have to turn off the lights tonight!